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Safe-Drive Personal Alcohol & Gas Detector - Don




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Don't drive, let monitor decide!

As this product uses MEMS gas sensor and is equipped with re-calibration function, accuracy is very high.

Its cute and quality looking design gives pride and convenience to carry.

It uses LED Display and 5 colored lights to display measured value.
Green Color : Represents 0.00 percent
Yellow Color : 0.01-0.02 percent
Orange Color : 0.03-0.04 percent
Light Red Color: 0.05-0.10 percent
thick Red : Represents values over 0.10 percent

Power Source : 1 AAA Size Battery
Sensor type : MEMS Gas Sensor
Display Format : LED Display (5 colors)
External Dimensions : 57 x 34 x 13mm
Weight : about 20g (Including Dry Cell )
Temperature in use : 0 degrees Celsius - 35 degrees Celsius
Storage temperature : 0 degrees Celsius - 70 degrees Celsius
Power Consumption : 151mA

Before using this product, please make sure that you do re-calibration.

1. When pressing down the small button and staying for approximately 3 seconds, the 1st re-calibration starts.
2. After lights quickly travels right and left, green colored light turns on to the most left side.
3. When green colored light is on, blow into the inhaler for approximately 3 to 5 seconds.
4. When the above 1st re-calibration is finished, 2nd re-calibration continues . While lights travels right and left, wait for approximately 7 seconds to have green colored light on
5. When green colored light is on, blow into the inhaler for 3~5 seconds as same as the procedure in the 1st re-calibration.
6. Power turns off automatically.


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