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Beverlyheels StyleAccessories: Aviator Sunglasses

Accessories: Aviator Sunglasses

Posted on Mon, Oct 23rd, 2017

Classic and rugged - The Aviator sunglasses

What's common between Tom Cruise in 'Top Gun' and Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Catch Me If You Can'? Both sported the aviator sunglasses for their roles and set a million hearts fluttering. But the Aviators, before becoming a fashion statement, was a utility item for fighter pilots.

Aviator sunglasses have been around since World War I. The war made massive use of aircrafts. Since the planes fly at a high altitude, pilots were afflicted by the intense sun, and suffered from exhausted and strained eyes after a flight. To remedy this, the Army Air Corps gave the project to optics manufacturer Bosch & Lomb to find a solution to the problem. In 1936, the company duly came back with the new Ray-Ban "Aviators" that helped block sun during flights. The classic tear drop shape was perfect for pilots as these completely covered the eyes and gave protection to the entire socket.

Aviators are characterized by dark, often reflective, slightly convex lenses covering the eye sockets and surrounded by thin metal frames with double or triple and bayonet earpieces to hook behind the ears. It soon replaced flight goggles as a sleeker and lighter cousin. It became popular commercially when General MacArthur wore the Aviators with his ornate hat and corncob pipe.

Although Ray-Ban aviators were sold as a sporting equipment in 1950s, they became part of the cultural style in 1970s, after being worn by famous personalities like Elvis Presley. Despite being one of the most popular sunglasses commercially, it continued to be used as a military gear in the U.S. military and as official eye gear in Air Force pilots globally.

In modern days, there are many types of Aviators, the classic tear drop, navigator and sporty in metal, plastic and mixed material frames. They also come in various colors. But no matter what style, shape or color you choose, what is most important is the "bridge fit". The bridge shouldn't be too small or too high; even a millimeter can make a difference!

So, pick your perfect pair of Aviators from

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