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Beverlyheels StyleAccessories: Eyewear

Accessories: Eyewear

Posted on Sat, Apr 28th, 2018

Its in the eyes!

Eyes are the windows to our soul and the eye wear attracts a lot of attention to it. They also affect how trust worthy we look. Fashionable or not, they certainly are champs at making first impressions.

Eyeglasses or spectacles are typically used to correct one’s vision. Safety glasses are used for eye protection as well. It protects construction workers’ eyes from flying debris, or lab technicians from harmful fumes or even radiation, and protects sportspeople too. There’s another type of glasses that’s “specialized”, for example, ones used for 3D films. Sometimes glasses are made for, both, fashion and purpose.

Today glasses are more about being seen than seeing. Glasses are widely used for corrective purposes but that doesn’t stop users from bringing in little fashion in those eye pieces as well. The fashion in eye-wear mainly lies in the shape and type of frames used. There are various different types of frames used nowadays. From aviator to vintage, over-sized to minimalistic, or even to thin and light metal frames, the choice usually depends on the shape of the face. Like a favorite shade of lipstick or a special necklace, glasses also help to create your unique look. Nerdy look has always been in with specs. With Gucci Elton John styles widely popular and Prada popularizing the yellow tinted futuristic glasses, fashion in specs are sure to record their all-time sales for fashion purposes. Brands like Luxottica, (remember Persol and Ray Ban), Armani and Chanel have also upped their games in specs fashion.

Some people find it difficult to pair their specs with the dress of the occasion. But a little attention to details actually brightens up any outfit. There are some golden rules while a selecting your glasses. First, select the frames that sits well on the bridge of your nose and it should be in line with your eyebrows as much as possible. Be sure not to have much extra space between them. Second, choose a neutral frame cool. Chances are, you’ll only have at most two specs, so go with a cooler that goes with your skin tone. If you have a cool complexion with olive or pink undertones, select colors like black, silver or purple. If you have a warm complexion stick to gold, orange or khaki. Third, select a frame shape that suits your face cut. If you have a large forehead, select frame styles without rims. And if your forehead is wide go for rounded frames. Last but not the least, pick a frame material that’s strong, light weight and corrosion resistant.

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