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Beverlyheels StyleAccessories: Pendants

Accessories: Pendants

Posted on Sun, Dec 16th, 2018

The pendant is a piece of jewelry that has a long history going back as far as the necklace. It is one of the oldest forms of bodily adornment. Materials like stone, shell, pottery and other perishable items were used to make the pendant. The word pendant is derived from the Latin word pendere and old French word pendr, where both translate to “to hang down”. Usually hung in a necklace, it can also be used to hang in the earrings. Pendants are used for more than just jewelry. They can be used as awards, as token of protection and even symbols of self-affirmation.

One of the first sightings of the pendant was during the Egyptian civilization. The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt wore pendants that were huge in size, usually bearing auspicious scenes related to their religious beliefs. Other pendants were in the shape of flies, winged scarabs, eye of Horus and even vultures. Archaeologists found a 17th century BCE gold pendant of two hornets clasped together in Mycenae. During the Middle Ages, pendants used were in the form of the Cross and other religious subjects, sometimes studded with precious stones like diamonds and sapphires. Towards the 16th century, pendants became more popular as decorative rather than religious.

Pendants come in many forms. One of them is locket, which opens and often reveals an image and is worn with a necklace. An amulet is also a pendant that can be worn around the neck or arm or leg. Amulets are known to possess magical or spiritual powers meant to protect the wearer from evil influences. Similarly, a pendant can be used as talisman. While an amulet is strictly for defensive purposes, a talisman can give special benefits or powers to the wearer. A medallion is another type of pendant. Generally granted as award or recognition, it is most often a coin shaped metal worn around the neck or pinned into clothing. A pendant can also be used in a functional way. Portable astronomical and navigational instruments were initially made as pendants. For example, the traveler’s sundial pendant uses the sun to tell time. By the first decade of the 21st century, jewelers started incorporating USB flash drives into pendants.

If you love wearing pendants then there are a few mix and match tricks you can do. If you have a hand carved charm pendant then put it in a dark chain to give it a relaxed look. If you have a metal pendant, pair it with a sterling silver chain to compliment the light it reflects. For pendants made of lacquer, put it in a simple black thread to give it a more rustic look. Make sure your pendant and necklace go with the ensemble of the day. There are no fixed rules for wearing your pendant, so go ahead wear the pendant that suits your personality the most. For seriously sassy pendants go to

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