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Beverlyheels StyleAccessories: Shields

Accessories: Shields

Posted on Wed, May 1st, 2019

Hear the word ‘Shield’ and you may assume it’s some news on The Avengers. But Beverlyheels sells the real deal. The shield (and not S.H.I.E.L.D) is a piece of personal armor held in the hand, or mounted on the forearm, that is used to intercept specific attacks, like arrows or close combat. Varying greatly in size and shape they also come in different thicknesses. They can be relatively deep, absorbent, or made of wooden planks to suit the requirement. The oldest proof there is of the shield is from the Barbarian invasion in the Middle Ages, where the shield was constructed of poplar tree, lime, or another split-resistant timber, covered in leather or raw hose, and often reinforced with a metal boss, rim or banding. Shields were also often decorated with a painted pattern or an animal motif to depict a specific army or clan.

The oldest form of shield was believed to be for protection only. An example of varied types of shields can be the Yetholm-type shields of the Bronze Age, or the Iron Age Battersea Shield. The Mycenaean Greeks used two types of shields: the ‘figure of eight’ shield and rectangular ‘tower’ shield. Primarily made from wicker frame and reinforced with leather, the shields covered the warrior’s body from head to toe and was great for close combat. Ancient Greek hoplites used a round, bowl shaped wooden shield that was reinforced with bronze. This was the most long lasting and the most influential of all Greek shields. Gradually, as the body armor evolved, shields became shorter and shorter. When the gun came into the scene, shields became still shorter but didn’t vanish completely.

Modern day shields are widely used by law enforcement worldwide. Those shields are used for protection against armed attack and for riot control. Made from materials such as metals or polycarbonate, modern shields are normally transparent and have a small window at eye level for clarity of vision. These shields are normally used to block and push back crowds. Other than defense, shields are big among people into cosplay. Shields of Captain America, Wonder Woman and shields of Viking heroes are sought after for cosplay. You can use it for a comic con, theme party or even movie launches. Cosplay shields are usually made of foam and are made very accurately to the superhero’s shield design. Craftsmanship and presentation being the topmost concern for any cosplay accessory, the shield is a mark of the hero.

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