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Beverlyheels StyleAccessories: Wigs

Accessories: Wigs

Posted on Wed, Nov 8th, 2017

New hair everyday

Wigs have been around since the ancient times. Egyptians were the first ones to make and use wigs on a daily basis. In the Egyptian society clean shaven or close-cropped hair was common among men and women. Wigs were used quite extensively to shield their hairless heads from the sun. Wealthy Egyptians also used scented beeswax cones on top of their wigs to make their hairdo more elaborate. Other ancient cultures like Greeks, Romans, Assyrians, Phoenicians and Jews also used wigs as a part of their daily wear.

It wasn't till the 16th century, that wigs started being used for cosmetic purposes, to enhance one's appearance. It also solved the practical problem of head lice compelling people to shave their heads and wig was an easy replacement.

Wigs became a fashion statement thanks to its royal patronage. Queen Elizabeth I wore a red wig elaborately curled in a 'Roman' style, while King Louis XIII of France wore a wig as a solution to his premature balding. This fashion was also largely promoted by his son and successor Louis XIV, which later on spread to European and other countries.

In the 18th century, men's wigs were powdered to give them white or off-white color. Women in the 18th century did not wear wigs, but wore a coiffure supplemented by artificial hair. During this time, wigs became much smaller and more formal with several professions adopting them as a part of their official costumes. Judges wore wigs as part of court dress; senior barristers too wore full-bottomed wigs. However, in the 1900's it became a source of shame and ridicule because of its elaborate nature.

Wigs have come a long way since then. It's amazing how wigs nowadays provide so many variations in hairstyle. Be it long, short or medium length and of various colors and styles, it is becoming popular among those who like to experiment with their looks.

Use wigs on daily basis or reserve them for special occasions. It will give you confidence and also enhance your looks.

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