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Atmosphere Sky Air Treatment System in HealthCare from Amway is made for . It is marked as HealthCare, AirConditioning and weighs 28.00 lbs.

Atmosphere Sky Air Treatment System 
Atmosphere Sky Air Treatment System 
Atmosphere Sky Air Treatment System 
Atmosphere Sky Air Treatment System 
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29.65 inch High x 16.2 inch Wide x 12.2 inch Deep, 28 lbs.

Quality of air is quality of life
The Atmosphere Sky™ Air Treatment System is the best performing HEPA air purifier among top competitors for removing allergens and other contaminants.* Plus, it’s the only air purifier among top competitors to reduce odors like cooking, pet, formaldehyde, mildew, and chemicals like ozone.**

The Atmosphere Sky™ Air Treatment System sets a new standard for home air quality with Inteliflow, our unique internal air circulation system. Inteliflow combines our particle sensor with a three-stage filtration system and a unique motor housing, resulting in cleaner air.

Particle sensor continuously monitors room air quality when the unit is on.
Three-stage filtration includes a washable pre-filter (captures large, airborne fibers and hair), replaceable HEPA filter (removes small airborne contaminants), and a replaceable carbon filter (reduces household odors and other contaminants).
Motor assembly features redesigned fan blades for optimized air flow.
Manage air quality and control the unit wirelessly with the Atmosphere Connect™ mobile app

The Atmosphere Sky™ Air Treatment System was engineered for better air.

Removes 99.99% of airborne particles as small as .0024 microns – that is 30,000 times smaller than a human hair, including over 300 contaminants (such as viruses, allergens, bacteria, mold, and mildew).
Reduces odors from smoke, cooking, pets, formaldehyde, and more.
Provides 300 cubic feet of clean air every minute in rooms up to 465 square feet.

The Atmosphere Sky Help Desk provides information to register your unit, find warranty and filter replacement information, as well as how-to and demo videos for your Atmosphere Sky™ air treatment system. Plus, contact our dedicated support team for further assistance.

The Atmosphere Sky™ air treatment system comes standard with a two-year limited warranty, and you can get up to three additional years of renewable limited warranty protection when the filters are replaced on time. Click here to learn more.

*Based on internet claims as of February 2018 and based on 99.99% removal of airborne allergens and contaminants down to .0024 microns.

**Based on internet claims as of February 2018.

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