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Beverlyheels StyleClothing: Bandeaus

Clothing: Bandeaus

Posted on Thu, Mar 15th, 2018

Sports to fashion!

What is common between sportswomen of the Roman Ages, medieval day nuns and present-day pop stars? The band around the breast, called “bandeau”! In French, “bandeau” simply means a garment comprising a strip of cloth. Today, this term is used for a type of garment that wraps around a woman’s breasts. Be it for sports, swimwear or fashion, the bandeau is now accepted as a regular wear item.

Usually strapless, sleeveless, or off-shoulder, the bandeau made an introduction during 286-305 AD. The oldest recorded history is found in the ancient Roman Villa Romana del Casale in Sicily. Women back then were seen sporting a bandeau (or apodesmos) made of wool or linen that was wrapped around the breasts and tied or pinned at the back for better support. A bandeau like costume was also seen worn by mother goddess, in Catalhoyuk, Anatolia around 5600 BC. Later, women athletes regularly wore the bandeau as part of their sports attire. In the middle ages, the bandeau became a term to be used for a wimple like garment in the costumes nuns wore.

As with every other style that evolved from middle ages, the bandeau too found its contemporary usage. It has now emerged as a top part of a two-piece swimsuit. It has been made more sturdy with the incorporation of a foundation to improve the structure and support which emphasizes the shape of a bare midriff. The bandeau lost its popularity when the bikini was invented, but it came back with a bang in the 1980s when it started using spandex and other stretchable fabric. Design elements like side stays, v-wire in the center front, and O-rings made the new and evolved bandeau an instant hit with the masses.

Bandeau has made its way into Hollywood as well. Oscar winner Halle Berry wore a bandeau with matching pants to MTV Video Music Awards, and so did Miley Cyrus who wore a bandeau top with cropped high waisted pants at the 2014 VMA Awards, where Jourdan Dunn, too, wore it with a long skirt.

You can rock the bandeau with trousers or skirt, depending on the structure of your midriff. Find your perfect bandeau at

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