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Beverlyheels StyleClothing: Bandoliers

Clothing: Bandoliers

Posted on Thu, Jun 7th, 2018

From military men to Michael Jackson, the Bandolier has been the bad ass companion for people of action. A Bandolier, originally, was a common issue to soldiers from the 16th century to the 18th century, known to have contained either pre-packaged chargers, or small containers of wood, metal or cloth containing the measured amount of gunpowder. Although any bag worn in the same style may also be described as a bandolier bag, an ammunition holding pocketed belt can also be called a bandolier. The design evolved in the 19th century when the bandolier started holding more modern metallic cartridges and hand grenades. The bandolier was used to keep ammunition off the soldier’s hips, as carrying too much weight on the hips can constrain movement.

The modern use of the bandolier is for the automatic rifleman of a military fireteam. Since a squad automatic weapon is often belt fed, the automatic rifleman will carry an extra belt on his person, or in a separate compartment or slung over the chest in bandolier fashion. But the use of the bandolier diminished over time with the technology of arms evolving.

Bandolier bags are now being designed for the masses. The design has now become fancy to suit the public’s tastes. Often larger in size and decorated with beads and stones they can be worn as a cross body bag, with its thick strap crossing a person’s chest to allow it to rest on the hip. The bandolier can be integrated into business attire as well. The trick is to correctly wear it. The crux lies in effectively using the right type of bandolier with the right fit of clothing. Tailoring the suit according to the bandolier, so to conceal the firearm through its length and breadth is a very appropriate way to go by.

If you want to use a bandolier as costume accessory, wear it as you would a cross body bag or simply as a belt! Get the bandolier you like at

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