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Beverlyheels StyleClothing: Gloves

Clothing: Gloves

Posted on Tue, Apr 10th, 2018

Fits like a Glove!

As the name suggests the “glove” is a garment covering the hand. Derived from the Old English word “glof” it was first seen in 440 BC when the Greeks used it to protect their hands in boxing matches or while working. According to translations of Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’, Laertes wore gloves while walking in the garden so as to avoid the brambles. But these gloves seemed to be different from the gloves we wear today. Gloves those days were more of a “gauntlet”. A gauntlet could be made of leather or some kind of metal armor and was an essential part of a soldier’s uniform. Thankfully, with the advent of firearms, hand to hand combat reduced, and with it, the use of gauntlet also went down.

By the 13th century, the gloves became a fashion statement for ladies. Made of silk and linen, they were decorated in different ways and ranged from wrist to elbow in length. They became such fashion elements that sumptuary laws were made to restrain its vanity. The year 1294 saw such laws in Bologna against samite gloves and Rome saw a law against perfumed gloves in 1560.

Despite laws and against all odds, by the 16th century, gloves reached their greatest elaboration. Queen Elizabeth was the biggest pioneer for setting the fashion for embroidered and jeweled gloves. She kept putting them on and off during audience to draw attention to her beautiful hands. By that time in Paris, knitted and silk gloves perfumed and embroidered became a huge thing. So much so, they became part of royal insignia of kings and emperors. Gloves were worn by King John and even Edward I. Gradually, the Pope, cardinals and bishops also started wearing gloves as a part of their celebration gear.

Interestingly, a manufacturer in Limerick, Ireland, fashioned gloves from the skin of unborn calves. Modern day gloves have many varieties and are made of many materials. There are fashion gloves, rubber gloves used by medical professionals, and fingerless gloves for ease of movement. Gloves are also used to protect hands against cold, heat, damage by abrasion, chemicals or disease.

Gloves in fashion are often made of cloth, knitted or felted wood, leather, silk, metal or even neoprene. Different regions of the world have different styles of wearing their gloves. In the West, ladies wear gloves for formal and informal occasions. Satin is one of the most popular material used for gloves. Japanese women wear long gloves, and white gloves are worn by people who want a clean public appearance. Whatever maybe your style, choose your perfect pair of gloves in

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