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Clothing: Jeans

Posted on Thu, Nov 9th, 2017

It's in the jeans

Jeans has been a symbol of culture for 140 years or more. It is one of the simplest, most versatile garment that does not differentiate between classes, gender and age groups.

Named after the city of Genoa in Italy, jeans was invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873. Levi Strauss came from Germany to New York to join his older brother who had a dry goods store during the Gold Rush in 1850. He came in touch with certain miners who asked him to make them a sturdy and durable work pant. Hence Strauss put together work pants that were made of canvas he had brought with him for assembly of tents. In 1860s, he began to fabricate pants made of heavyweight denim and because the pants were dyed blue with indigo they were named "blue jeans".

The Levi jeans were dyed with indigo as it was cheap and plentiful due to production of synthetic indigo since 1876. To make the jeans more durable, copper rivets were added to reinforce the points of stress in strategic places such as on the pocket corners. Since the jeans were tough, comfortable, and affordable, they became popular among laborers, farmers, miners, and lumberjacks.

Although the jeans were made for men, women who worked with men in ranches also started wearing them. The jeans was first used as gender equalizer, then as sports clothes and later on as casual wear. In 1930, Vogue magazine ran an advertisement depicting two models in tight fitting jeans. By mid 1930s, department stores stocked Levis jeans and boots in the women's section. After World War II, jeans manufacturers came up with a design that had a side opening instead of fly front opening. Gradually, in 1958, adjustments were made to suit the female form.

There have been many innovations like the pre-washed jeans, the permanent pressed jeans that do not wrinkle, stretch denim jeans, distressed looking jeans among others. Early 1970s, designer jeans would make their appearance in high end stores. Same year, Calvin Klein promoted his designer jeans as sportswear. In the 80s, designers such as Ralph Lauren and Jean-Paul Gaultier came out with their brands Guess Inc. and Jordache to cash in on the designer jeans boom. The most expensive pair of blue jeans was sold for $25,000.

In modern day, jeans are a staple in every wardrobe. A basic pair of jeans can never get boring. Pair it with a classic white shirt and nude pumps and you're ready for anything from work to the movie date. Top blue jeans with a leather jacket and boots and bring on the hotness quotient.

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