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Beverlyheels StyleClothing: Leather Jackets

Clothing: Leather Jackets

Posted on Wed, Nov 8th, 2017

The Biker, The Bomber and The Aviator

When Marlon Brando played Johnny Strabler, he wore Schott's leather jacket which is now of course an icon. A timeless classic, people of ages look up to it for bringing in the definition of 'cool'; an emblem of rebel throughout the ages, nothing exudes power like the leather jacket.

The leather jacket dates back to World War I, when the leather bomber was introduced for fighter pilots. It came into commercial use in the 1920s when Irving Schott first invented the motorcycle jacket and sold it for $5.40 at Harley Davidson. Women too were not far behind in flaunting the leather jacket. Amelia Earhart, an early contingent for gender equality, flaunted the aviator leather jacket during both world wars. The leather jacket was popular not only because it looked sexy, it became a must-have because of its protective edge.

The leather jacket became a favorite with music stars like The Ramones, The Beetles, Elvis and not to forget Madonna! On and off the ramp, mega models like Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss were frequently seen with high waist blue jeans, a white T-shirt and a leather jacket.

True to a decade obsessed with excess, the leather jacket got a colorful makeover in the 1980s with Michael Jackson's video for "Thriller". The jacket then turned into an expensive must-have after Nicolas Ghesquiere crafted one of the first signature leather jackets for Balenciaga. Soon after designer Alexander Wang launched his line of designer jackets but it was priced more conservatively.

Made from tanned hide of various animals, it is typically dyed black or brown, but nowadays a wide range of colors is available. Fabrics simulating leather such as polyurethane or PVC are also used as an alternative to animal hide.

Modern day leather jackets are perfect for creating a classic look. Whether it's after work drinks, or weekend getaway, you know the leather jacket has got your back. The trick to wearing the leather jacket to perfection is not to bulk it out underneath. The jacket itself should fit comfortably according to your body shape. Shirts are a good pair with leather jackets. Put on a pair of Chelsea boots and before you know it that leather jacket has gone from casual to smart in a jiffy.

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