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Beverlyheels StyleClothing: Monokinis

Clothing: Monokinis

Posted on Fri, Jan 12th, 2018

Monokini, the rebel’s costume.

Inventor of the monokini, Rudy Gernreich, rightly said, “Bosom will be uncovered within five years”. This was back in 1964. And that was the beginning of the revolutionary monokini, which was originally a topless swimsuit that exposed the female breasts.

A symbol of the sexual revolution, it was a sign of protest against the repressive society rather than regular swim wear. When the first photograph of the topless monokini, modelled by Peggy Moffitt, was published in “Women’s Wear Daily” on June 3, 1964, it created quite a controversy in the US and other countries. Soon after, Susanne Kirtland of “Look” convinced Gernreich to make it available for public. Although it sold about 3000 units, only two were worn in public – one by Carol Doda in San Francisco at the Condor Nightclub and the second at a Chicago beach in July 1964 by model Toni Lee Shelley, who was arrested.

As the suit gained popularity, the New York City Police Department was strictly instructed by the commissioner of parks to arrest any woman who wears a monokini. The stir was so high that even the catholic Church warned against the topless fashion.

During the '70s going topless had become quite a rage and by '80s the monokini design had become simply a bikini-bottom. As of now, swimsuit designers continue to design a variety of monokinis and topless swimsuits that women can wear in private settings. Unlike the original design, current monokinis are one- piece swimsuits that typically include large cut outs on the back or front.

A monokini is typically in demand during the summer season when women prep themselves body and skin for holidaying at the beach. Swimsuits have become a woman’s way to express her sensual side. To wear a monokini you need to first and foremost groom properly. Wax kits and depilatory kits can provide convenient ways of grooming. Secondly, take a sarong with you that can cover the hips and lower when you need it. The monokini can be accessorized with jewelry to add a little bit of drama to it.

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