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Beverlyheels StyleClothing: Neckties

Clothing: Neckties

Posted on Sun, Feb 25th, 2018

La Cravate!

The controversial necktie, a piece of clothing worn usually by men around the neck and knotted at the throat, is a “pointless and cumbersome accessory” for some and a symbol of elegance and refinement for others. The tie worn today evolved in the 1920s but that design has undergone many changes with the times, the main change being in the way it is tied.

The origin of necktie can be traced back to the Roman era where Roman soldiers had to wear a piece of cloth around their neck as part of their uniform. But most historians agree that necktie originated in the 17th century during the rule of King Louis XIII. He had hired Croatian mercenaries during war, who wore a piece of cloth around their neck as a part of their uniform. It’s said that King Louis loved it so much, he made it a mandatory accessory for Royal gatherings. He also gave it the name “La Cravate” to honor the Croatian soldiers.

The Croatians used the “Four in hand” knot which was invented by them and is still a very popular knot today. The bow tie and the ascots were the other two most popular tie styles during that era. The next decade saw a decline in the popularity of neck ties as casual attire was the more preferred style. But the 1920s saw the comeback of the neckties with a bang. The design looked similar to what the ties look today. Jessie Langsdorf, an American tie maker invented a new way of fabric-cutting that allowed the tie to spring back unto its original shape after each wear. This invention gave rise to many new styles of tying knots.

The next decade saw the “Windsor knot”, a type of tie knot invented by the Duke of Windsor. The 1940s saw bold colors and patterns. Next, tie makers experimented with different styles, materials and styles, one of the famous styles being the skinny tie, a design to compliment the tailored clothes of that time. On the contrary, the 80s, which was known for its great fashion, saw the emergence of the ultrawide “Kipper Ties” and the skinny tie made of leather.

Now, ties are available in many cuts, fabrics and colors. Knitted ties have also become quite a trend. Owning to its popularity, international Necktie Day is celebrated on October 18, in various parts of the world including Dublin, Sydney and Tokyo.

Your tie style will depend upon the style of shirt and the occasion. If you prefer an easy style, go for the full “Windsor” way. Accessorize your tie with a tie pin, tie chain, or even a tie tack. Find the tie you love at

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