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Beverlyheels StyleClothing: Robes

Clothing: Robes

Posted on Tue, Jul 10th, 2018

The robe is a loose-fitting, comfortable outer garment that is made from rich brocade silk, linen or cotton. It is a sort of a dressing gown that was earlier used during morning ablutions and was also worn in the evening while relaxing. The robe became popular in the western world in the early 1700s. Tracing its history, the actual garment was derived from banyan, an informal coat worn by men in 18th century that has sleeves and body cut as one piece. By the 1800s the ladies began to wear dressing gowns and robes to break free from their tightly laced corsets. Robes were worn with undergarments for breakfast, sewing and general relaxing to maintain propriety around servants.

In the times of industrial revolution, the robes started being confined to morning and evening only. The design became less decorous by then and were mainly made of cotton. With the advent of 20th century, robes were mainly used as bathing robes. By 1950s, bathing robes were considered the only decent thing to wear to the beach.

Now, there are various types of robes. Robes can be worn as part of academic regalia for ceremonial occasions like graduation, or as part of the attire for a judge or barrister. Robes are also worn as a part of official dress by royalty, or even long robes that are used for religious purposes. But by far, the most common use of robes these days is the bath robe. A bath robe is a gown made from absorbent fabric which serves as, both, a towel and a garment to cover the body.

Thanks to fashion’s loungewear obsession, the simple robe has been brought out of the privacy of home by Gucci and Balenciaga in the form of a hybrid between kimono and a dressing gown. Soon after other designers came up with silk and velvet robes, and even embroidered ones.

Owing to modern day mix and match fashion, you can don the robe in a few innovative ways outside home. One way could be tying it around your waist like a shirt so as to give it a gown like look from the back. Another way could be just adding a belt and wearing it as a shift dress. Or a bold move would be to wear the robe as an overcoat over your summer clothes, of course, depending on the design and material of the robe. Whatever your style, check out for more styles.

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