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Beverlyheels StyleClothing: School Girl Skirts

Clothing: School Girl Skirts

Posted on Mon, Aug 20th, 2018

Of all the trending fashion items, the school girl skirt seems to be evolving in almost every country since its inception. Be it a designer piece by Vivienne Westwood or Alicia Silverstone in “Clueless”, the skirt has created its own space in the fashion industry and in a woman’s closet. The school girl look first emerged in the 1920s with the pleated skirts being paired with sailor-style blouses.

A decade later, around World War II, the hemlines shortened as skirts became more fashionable and more functional. Moving on to the 50s, the stereotype of “Catholic schoolgirl” was making the rounds. It was also a decade of strict family values hence dress codes were often enforced. It was also a time when the everyday fashion essential was to look “mod”, hence the skirts became the vogue. The classic Scottish tartan plaid skirt came back with a bang during this time and the credit goes to Mary Quant who created the iconic miniskirt. The miniskirt went on to become the defining look of the decade.

The next years were characterized by punk movement, so the ‘look’ was against mainstream trends. Designers like Vivienne Westwood took traditional elements like pleating and tartan fabric and created skirts in myriad shapes. Debbie Harry, model and actress, was known to rock the plaid miniskirt like no one else during that time. The trend of the miniskirt lulled in the next decade, but came back with a bang in the 90s when the plaid skirt was a fundamental piece of the then pop culture and also became popular in Hollywood. The world swooned at Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time making the schoolgirl skirt iconic. The designs might have changed now, but the schoolgirl skirt is very much in vogue. Designers like Proenza Schouler, Miu Miu and Alexander Wang still design schoolgirl skirts for the runway.

The school girl skirt is one versatile outfit to be fashioned. In the spring it can be paired with a bodysuit and a cardigan with long socks and boots. To add a more classic feminine touch, the skirt can be worn with an over-sized sweater with just the bottom of the skirt poking out with black knee high or thigh high socks. A simple necklace can be added. To make the skirt look edgy, it can be worn with a simple solid crop top with a leather jacket and a head gear, say, a bandana, and finish it with combat boots.

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