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Fairy Costumes

Posted on Thu, Feb 28th, 2019

If you want to know the importance of costumes, think of a favorite character. Superman? Batman, Catwoman? Or, maybe a fairy tale character? One of the first things you will remember well about them is their costume. Costumes have been an integral part of on-screen and on-stage performance. But sometimes, its importance also gets extended to other facets of life as well. Costumes and costume design have a very long history. Its beginnings often refer to the ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus who lived in the 5th century BC, and created specific costumes for actors to don during the performance. Art of costuming evolved during the Renaissance where scenery and costumes became increasingly important elements of stage plays.

Costumes not only capture a mood, they also add excitement to a colorful event. In the 16th century, a style of theater known as commedia della’arte had costumes that represented stock characters such as serving girl, doctor and harlequin among others. The costumes made the roles pretty clear to the audience, even without an introduction.

From 1770 through 1870s the desire for greater accuracy in costuming became very important as people were familiar with costumes around the world. So, being accurate in costuming for stage and screen became imperative. Gradually costuming became an increasingly specialized art by focusing on two things – historical accuracy and concept driven. Historical accuracy captured the sense of the period, and concepts captured a vision that might not have connections to a known historical time and place. Before the advent of ready-to-wear apparel, clothing was made by hand. Costumes for commercial purposes were made as late as the 20th century by ‘costumiers’ or women who ran businesses that met the demand for complicated or intimate female costume, including millinery and corsetry. Costuming for Halloween became important during the 1900s.

One of the best loved costumes is the fairy costume. Fairy costumes can be worn both by adults and kids. Mostly used for Halloween or maybe a stage show, fairy costumes can be of many types – Gothic fairy, Forest fairy, adult’s devil with wings costume, tinker bell costume and woodland fairy costume among others. Or you can create a fairy ensemble. All you will need are wings, colored dress or top and skirt. Color schemes can be pastel, earth tones or bright, especially ones inspired by nature. Avoid prints as you’ll never see a fairy wearing print! Brighten up your costume with furry boots and collared wings. You may also try elf ears to complete the look.

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