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Beverlyheels StyleFestivals: The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival

Festivals: The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival

Posted on Sun, Jul 28th, 2019

The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is an American annual four-day music festival developed and produced by Ashley Capps of AC Entertainment, Kerry Black, Rick Farman, Richard Goodstone and Jonathan Mayers. The name ‘Bonnaroo’ is a Creole slang which means ‘a really good time’. Established in 2002, the festival typically starts on the second Thursday in June and lasts four days. Bonnaroo was popularized by New Orleans R&B singer Dr. John with his 1974 album Desitively Bonnaroo. Main attractions of this festival are the multiple stages which feature live music with a diverse array of musical styles including indie rock, classic rock, world music, hip hop, jazz, Americana, bluegrass and country music among others. The music acts begin Wednesday evening for early arrivers and continue throughout the festival with performances starting each day around noon. Some stages entertain audience even till sunrise.

This festival is largely influenced by rock concerts of the late 1960s and early 1970s as well as the massive Phish festivals of the late 1990s. Bonnaroo was ranked as one of the ‘50 Moments That Changed Rock & Roll’ in 2003 , ‘Festival of the Decade’ by Consequence of Sound, and among the best music festivals by GQ Magazine.

The festival began with a focus on jam bands and folk rock, and, though, in recent years, it has diversified, it has continued to pay tribute to its roots. Some notable acts have been by Primus, Eminem, U2, Phish, Radiohead, Paul McCartney, Kanye West, The Beach Boys, Pearl Jam, and Metallica among others notable artists. Craftsmen and artisans selling unique products, food and drink vendors, comedy acts, silent disco, cinema experiences and a Ferris wheel are also parts of this festival.

Since its inception, Bonnaroo has contributed more than S1 million directly to Coffee County organisations. In addition to the festival's annual charitable contributions, its activities help generate annual revenue for the county. It also regularly contributes to charities like Doctors Without Borders, Head Count, MusiCares and American Red Cross among others. This festival also supports many environmentalist initiatives like recycling and sustainability.

Most people think the Bonnaroo is just about music and camping, but there’s a whole other side to it. If you are into other stuff like people-watching, Bonnaroo is your place to be. From Waldo to Santa Claus to men in thongs, it’s the one weekend you will remember for a very long time. As regards suitable ensemble, ladies can wear shorts, skirts, bathing suits and dresses. During the day, shorts and tank top will be a good option. At night, when it gets chilly, you will want to wear a pair of jeans, sweatshirt, and long-sleeved shirt. If it’s raining, you can wear comfortable flip flops or sandals. Guys usually wear tanks, t-shirts and shorts. If you want, you may also go shirtless! For great options go to www.

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