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Beverlyheels StyleFestivals: The Cannes

Festivals: The Cannes

Posted on Sun, Feb 10th, 2019

Festival de Cannes or Cannes Festival, is one of the ‘Big Three’ of the film festivals, the other two being the Venice Film Festival and the Berlin International Film Festival. Founded in 1932, the Cannes film festival was an invitation-only event held in May at the Palais de Festivals et des Congres. The first festival was planned for 1939, with Cannes as the location. But due to delay in funding and organizing, it coincided with the beginning of World War II, hence putting an end to this plan. Finally, in 1946 twenty-one countries participated in this festival, which took place at the former Casino of Cannes. Although the festival was not held in 1948 and 1950, on account of budgetary issues, the festival came back with a bang in the following years.

The Cannes festival has not forgotten its founding purpose even after all these years, which is to draw attention and raise the profile of films with the aim of contributing towards development of cinema. In addition to the Official Selection, cinema lovers can also check out other movies by way of masterclasses, tributes, and exhibitions, among others. As the directors were keen to discover new talent, the Festival evolved over the years and many initiatives have been designed to promote talent. Programs such as " target="_blank">Camera d’Or is awarded to the best film presented. ‘Cannes Short Films’ is another example. Programs such as these attract worldwide media, give higher traction to popularity of this event.

Cannes film festival is not just about the movies. It includes workshops, networking events, beach parties, fashion shows, and other events. The Cannes festival is also known for its strict dress code. A red carpet dress is a must, whether you have an invite or not. A lot of premier tickets are given out the same day, someone might just stop you and give you one! So be prepared with that killer dress. Since most events are held in Palais de Festivals, wearing heels is quite imperative, even when partying in beach clubs and night clubs. Be sure to pack in some bikinis and kaftans in case you plan to party at the beach. Same goes for sunhat and sunglasses. The last but not the least, pack an umbrella or a rain coat. In the past, it has rained 29 percent of the times. Even if it is warm, why take a chance when you’re dressed to kill!

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