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Beverlyheels StyleFestivals: The Voodoo Fest

Festivals: The Voodoo Fest

Posted on Sun, Oct 28th, 2018

The Voodoo Music & Arts Experience, or the Voodoo Fest, is a music and arts festival that lasts several days and is held in City Park in New Orleans. Twice nominated for Pollstar Music Festival of the Year, it has hosted more than 2000 artists since its inception. National artists of all genres, like, Foo Fighters, Eminem, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 50 Cent, Duran Duran and even Ozzy Osbourne, have participated in this festival. This event was first held in 1999 on a Halloween weekend. Initially, it was a single day event on October 30th. In 1999, the festival consisted of three stages and a mix of local and national acts that included artists such as Wyclef Jean and Moby. Gradually, as the market for festivals grew in the US, Voodoo Fest got extended to three days.

Dressing for music festivals is not as easy as one might think. It has to be something that is glamorous yet practical. Something that survives the weather, yet big on trendy clothes. For the Voodoo festival, layers are your best bet. Wear a hoodie, scarf, or a light jacket along with your ensemble. But it need not look as boring as it sounds. Tie a flannel around your waist during the day and layer it under a colorful jacket in the night. Or, double a woolen shawl as a scarf and a blanket once the chill sets in. Bring a poncho or a trendy rain coat in case it rains. A very important part of dressing up are the shoes. The Voodoo festival is spread over 50 acres, so take care of the shoes you’re wearing. Sneakers, boots or even flats are great options.

Costumes are a big part of the festival. As it is held during the Halloween weekend, it’s a great event for costumes. Colorful vintage costume with shaggy faux fur boleros or classic pea coats are great ways to enhance a costume. Costumes are mainly about expressing yourself, but there are certain do’s and don’ts regarding the costumes. First and foremost, dress up keeping religious/ regional sentiments in mind. For example, if you decide to wear a certain Native Indian headdress, it might offend some people if that headdress is supposed to be earned or achieved over the years, or for some act of bravery. Instead, go for unique or funny costumes. And, it’s absolutely cool to wear a new costume every day. Also, avoid wearing a black face or yellow face and risking yourself being called a racist.

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