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Beverlyheels StyleFootwear: Biker Boots

Footwear: Biker Boots

Posted on Thu, Nov 23rd, 2017

The Wild Child

A sign of rebel and sexiness, the biker boots have long been used in Hollywood for its heroes in similar roles. This is one style of boots that have been made for one purpose but is fashionable in other cults as well. Apart from serving the obvious purpose - biking, the Biker boots are also an icon in the fashion world such as rock style, punk and indie.

In earlier days, motorcycling was an expensive affair pursued by men with means, and the full-length boots protected their tweed suits that was meant to be the uniform for their rides. Since then, motorbikes have remained cool, and so have the boots.

It has icons in Hollywood as well. Marlon Brando wore them in "The Wild One", and it was said to be a blueprint for biker boots, that is, with stacked heels and long straps.

Biker boots have different versions in different countries. American biker boots were bulkier as compared to European boots that were sleeker in comparison. As a result, classic British boots work particularly well with slim jeans as worn by rock musician Jamie Hence. He paired the boots with slim jeans, a tight T-shirt and battered leather jacket.

Biker boots as the name suggests are worn by motorcyclists and these boots usually cover the foot and extend up the leg that protect the body for safety when riding a bike. Traditionally they are made of leather and rubber and many of them also have a slight heel, hence, they were worn as fashion piece by both men and women. Mainly used for safety during motorcycle rides, these boots are generally made from thick, heavy leather and also include energy absorbing and load spreading metal, plastic or composite materials to protect the rider's feet, ankles and legs in an accident. These boots are also waterproofed for the wet weather by using waterproof membrane lining.

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