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Beverlyheels StyleFootwear: Brogues

Footwear: Brogues

Posted on Thu, Sep 28th, 2017

Brogues in vogue

With Katherine Hepburn and Maryln Deitrich incorporating it in their fashion wardrobe and supermodels walking the ramp in it, be assured whether it's shopping or a work day you cannot go wrong with the Brogues.

"Brogue" literally means "an ornamentation of shoes employing heavy perforations and pinking". Therefore, as per this definition any shoe with perforations can be a brogue - no matter if it's a Derby or an Oxford. The main difference between the three is the lacing system.

The Brogue was originally designed in Scotland and Ireland as an outdoor shoe. Since the weather there is wet and tough, shoes required holes to drain out the water. Hence the invention of perforations in the shoes to suit the circumstances. The original Brogues were elementary shoes made with untanned animal hide, with series of perforations and serrations (broguing) of each piece of leather that was used in its making. Also known as the "ghillie brogue" it is often considered as a standard style for traditional Scottish dress footwear.

Modern day Brogues are, essentially, low heels with toe caps, lace panels and broguing (or decorative perforations).

From the working class of Scotland and Ireland they began to be used by country gentlemen as an outdoor country walking shoe. This is why, earlier it was not used for social or business occasions. However, things started to look up for the Brogues in the twentieth century when it started being used as a template of footwear for the fashion conscious modern woman. The perforations are now solely used for decorative purposes. Although they can't be used as formal shoes they have been in trend since some time now.

Brogues became very popular with men in the twenties, especially in the United States, England and continental Europe. Celebrities like Fred Astaire and Gary Cooper donned the Brogue shoes.

Men now can work their Brogues with blazers, Hacking jackets, sports coats, casual suits in lighter colors and tweed or even Harrington jacket.

Every fashion-conscious person should have at least one pair of Brogue shoes in black, chestnut brown, and for the flamboyant, try one in oxblood color.

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