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Beverlyheels StyleFootwear: Cowboy Boots

Footwear: Cowboy Boots

Posted on Fri, Dec 15th, 2017

Like a cowboy

Some argue the Huns wore them first and some say it came from Kansas. Some wear it for work and some for fashion. Whatever the reason, the cowboy boots buzz refuses to die down through the decades.

Cowboy boots are a specific type of riding boots that are worn by cowboys to suit their work needs. There are basically two types of boots – classic and roper. The classic style has the typical tall boot shaft going at least mid-calf with over one-inch heel. The roper style, which is relatively new, has rounded toes, made with a laced design that fits better in the ankle.

Usually made from cowhide leather, exotic skins such as alligator, snake, elk and buffalo among others are also used. In earlier days, a cowboy would have to go to a cobbler and a cowboy boot would have to be specially made for him according to his feet size and calf length. From there, boot-makers started experimenting with inlays, overlays, thread colors and soon there were infinite ways of making new designs of cowboy boots. The more exorbitant the boot, the better it was.

These boots had gained popularity with the masses even outside its own functionality in the 30’s and 40s. Some credit can be given to Hollywood actors like John Wayne who was known as the Hollywood cowboy, and who brought the shoe to attention by wearing them in his movies. By 1960’s it was time for the cowboy boots to transform again. The new generation seemed to have lost penchant for lavish and larger than life designs of the earlier decade, and started preferring simpler and neater designs instead.

Nowadays, cowboy boots have become a fashion statement thanks to designers like Cinq a Sept and Calvin Klein, Coach and R13 who have designed their own versions and made it easy for the ramp. Coach gave a glittery and ultra-feminine makeover to the boots. Calvin Klein came out with minimalist steel toe boot, and R13 designed its boots with certain country accoutrements like John Deere baseball caps. All in all, the cowboy boots now evolved to be anything but typical. Sport your cowboy boots with tapered jeans or even leggings and tights. You can also wear it with a dress for a more feminine look.

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