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Beverlyheels StyleFootwear: Gladiators

Footwear: Gladiators

Posted on Thu, Sep 28th, 2017

The Mighty Gladiator

As the name suggests, these sandals were worn by Gladiators in the Roman empire. The first Gladiator match was arranged in 274 BC by Marcus and Decimus who wanted to honor their deceased dad, Junius Brutus. This 'sport' filled the stadiums for the next 700 years. It also became the most recognized symbol of historical culture. Needless to say, their footwear had to be sturdy enough to support their bulky bodies and hours of fighting. A symbol of strength and power, it was also worn because of their comfort, durability and flexibility.

In modern times, the styles may have changed but the concepts have not. Gladiators came into popularity after Russel Crowe donned them in the movie 'Gladiator'. Gwyneth Paltrow too wore it in 2008, making it a rage among women. Women love to wear it for its versatility since it could be worn with formal or casual attire, trousers or dresses. Although it doesn't go with every body shape, nevertheless it became trendy. Dominating the runways for Spring 2015, the Gladiator sandals set a new standard for chic.

Traditionally, Gladiators are flat soled, open toed with multiple straps of leather crisscrossing around the leg. But over the past few years they have evolved to having buckles, platforms, heels, prints, studs or even being made of unusual materials. It also takes a lot of time to put on, thanks to the multiple straps, hence making it more glamorous than a casual footwear. This modern statement piece has become a must-have for the summer season.

It's important to choose Gladiators that suit you. For example, if your legs are short and/or full, try nude ankle height gladiator sandals that are close to your skin tone. If your feet are wide or thick select a shoe with diagonal straps. If your feet are thin opt a style with thin straps to widen the appearance of small feet. For dressier occasions, you may choose a style with metallic finish and/or thin straps or even one with stiletto heels.

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