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Beverlyheels StyleFootwear: Peep Toes

Footwear: Peep Toes

Posted on Mon, Nov 27th, 2017

Head to Peep-toe

Not all peeping toms are pesky! Some of them add to your sex appeal. Worry not, we’re talking about shoes here! The peep toe shoe is comparatively a newer cousin to the closed pumps, or simply said, a hybrid of the closed shoe and the open toes shoe.

The 30s was a time of war and people’s desperation for happiness steered them towards believing in fairy tales where everything was so chic and glamorous. Women’s shoes became more ladylike and which necessitated the design of the peep toes. Popular since beginning of 1940s, these were a rage among the well-heeled women. Even now many fashion designers have at least one peep toe in their spring and summer collection.

The peep toe is distinctly marked with the exposure of the toes. The showing of the toe is a must although the rest of the foot can be covered or not depending on the design. Be it sandal or a boot, a little opening in the toe area can be classified as a peep toe. This is a fashion trend specific to women's shoes and is common in shoes that are worn in warm or mild weather. Available in high heels, kitten heels, flats or platforms, a peep toe is best worn with casual clothes.

The most common kind of peep toe shoe, however, is a high heel. High heels with this feature may or may not have straps. Because peep toe shoes show off part of the toes, it is common for women who wear them to keep their feet looking nice. Some women even coordinate the shade of the polish on their toenails with their favorite pair of peep toe shoes. Although there are peep toes that are designed especially for pairing with suits, some also prefer wearing it with other formal wear.

Peep toes were a rage in the 1930s. However, it somewhat lost its spark in the 1960s only to make a huge comeback in the 80s, but disappearing again by mid 90s. Peep toes then showed up in designer brand Temperley in its spring/summer collection of 2012 that showcased very feminine styles. Since then the peep toes have been around in fashion circles and also in mass production.

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