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Beverlyheels StyleFootwear: Pumps

Footwear: Pumps

Posted on Mon, Jul 17th, 2017

Pumped Up

The first elevated footwear was seen in ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome. In Egypt, they were used by the ruling class, trickling down to the middle class in Greece, and then to the masses in Rome. Paradoxically - while the wealthy customized their own designs, heeled shoes were most commonly associated with female prostitutes.

A Pump is a high heel shoe with the front of the toes covered; it could be either round or square toe pumps. The shoe goes upwards on sides of the foot and is usually without buckles.

The predecessor to modern Pumps/Court Shoes came from medieval fashion traditions of the wealthy class of rulers and politicians in Renaissance countries like Italy, France, Spain, and England, among others. Extremely high heeled shoes gave way to more usable fashion and walking-friendly court shoes.

As the popularity of high end court shoes started to rise they became connected with power and wealth. In fact, French King Louis XIV demanded that no one may enter his court without wearing red colored high heels. Court shoes were loved by men, in particular, for its use in horse riding, thanks to its excellent ability to be secured in the stirrup even in high speeds.

Well, maybe now it is cheap and an easy to make shoe, Pumps were originally created for the wealthy and powerful. It is one of the most popular female high heel shoes of our times that went through a long and interesting journey.

Gradually, designers evolved the pumps into a shoe that is supreme in comfort and style and can be worn everyday by the modern woman. Pumps are now available in various heel sizes, styles, with or without straps and colors. They can be made from any material but patent leather is the most preferred. Pumps can add an instant glamor to whatever outfit you wear, be it casual jeans or an evening dress; make you appear taller and accentuate your figure.

Beverlyheels offers a range of pumps to suit your style to choose from.

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