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Beverlyheels StyleFootwear: Slippers

Footwear: Slippers

Posted on Sat, Jul 29th, 2017

Cinderella's slippers

Imagine a cold winter with you inside your cozy house, with the fireplace on, a cup of hot chocolate, pyjamas and your favorite book. All you need to complete the warm fuzzy experience is a pair of fur slippers. Those slippers are not only your best companion but also loyal to you during your times of need.

Digging into the history of the origin of slippers, it turns out that it was first seen in the East, in the harems of the Sultans. Slippers were like a symbol of captivity for the concubines, who wouldn't dare run out to the rocky roads in the soft slippers, lest they hurt themselves. Slippers were comfort wear and was easy to take off before stepping on expensive Persian carpets.

The word "slippers" comes from the verb "to slip". Though its origin is thought to be from the East, they have been worn by every culture. It can be described as a light pair of footwear that is easy to put on and off. The various types of slippers include open toe slippers, closed slippers, slipper boots, evening boots and sandal slippers. Functionality was one reason why it became popular in medieval Europe. In 18th century, ladies of royalty had their boudoirs stocked with various fashionable slippers - delicate, with swan feathers, gilled with big lumps and with a little snubbed toe cap.

Slippers have caught the fancy of writers and story tellers too. Apparently, Cinderella didn't lose a glass slipper. The slipper was made of gold or silver and was embellished with gems. The story as we know it is a result of translator error.

The most expensive shoes in the world are in fact the slippers made for Nick Cannon, host of American Idol. The two-million-dollar shoe took 2000 hours of labor with more than 14,000 diamonds set into white gold by hand. Its combined weight was 340 carats.

In modern times, slippers are no longer the boring indoor shoes that were worn to take the garbage out. "The urban Gent" noticed men wearing sockless velvet slippers with a light-colored denim. Slippers are now being used almost everywhere, be it for work, for play, for shopping or even to match with a wedding dress.

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