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Beverlyheels StyleFootwear: T-Straps

Footwear: T-Straps

Posted on Fri, Jun 30th, 2017

Tied to the T

From school children to Hollywood, the T-strap shoes have made quite a memorable journey into the closet of the modern-day woman. A perfect departure from the basic pumps, these shoes can jazz up even the simplest outfit.

A T-strap shoe basically has a pointed toe with a strap that reaches towards the ankles from the center of the toe to a horizontal strap circling the ankle. This shoe style, very popular during the 1920s when fashion dictated women to show off their legs and feet, covers the ankle and toe but otherwise shows a great deal of the foot. The heel size can vary from one inch to up to three inches.

First seen in Europe and America in the early 1900s, T-straps was favored, particularly among boys as school shoes, even in the United Kingdom.

In the 1920s, T-straps were worn in summers, and white was the most popular shoe color, although bright colors and pastel shoes were worn as well. Black straps remained the ideal versatile day or evening shoes.

The T-strap was mainly preferred as evening wear in the twenties, however, during thirties the toe of the shoe became more rounded and the heel lowered; and by mid 40s the simple pump was preferred.

Straps got thinner as the decade progressed, eventually, giving a more delicate feel to the shoe body. A strap alternative was a ribbon looped through eyelets on either side and tied to a bow at the center.

Modern day T-straps come in two basic styles: d'Orsay style and a closed toe pump. For fall, wear the d'Orsay silhouette and in winters swap them out with the pump-style and pair it with classic black tights - sheer or opaque.

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