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Beverlyheels StyleHello, Barcelona!

Hello, Barcelona!

Posted on Wed, May 1st, 2019

Barcelona is one of the most fashionable places in the world. Sense of dressing in Barcelona is quite eclectic with an array of diverse cultures taking the center stage. Fashionistas, hipsters, picos (preppies), and other people have made Barcelona a melting pot of varied cultures. Besides, there are many people who love to dress comfortably and yet stylishly. If you want to not look like a tourist there, you may want to wear suitable clothes for the weather and the time of the place you are in. It goes without saying, wearing weather appropriate dress is a good place to start. Winters, summers and spring are most prevalent seasons in Barcelona. If you’re looking to take a tour during those seasons make sure you pack as per the weather there.

Winters in Barcelona are not that cold, with January and February being the colder months. Overall, its sunny and sometimes it’s partly cloudy with occasional rainy days. For such days, medium weight coats are great options. Smart coats as well as casual puffy jackets and coats for more casual occasions can be paired with dark denims to complete the look. Colors like black, grey, midnight blue and browns go around a lot in Barcelona. All whites or snow bunny look will not work here. A scarf is almost always required in Barcelona. You can wear it in the winters or summers as it is in style throughout the year. Jeans and thick jeggings are a must have in the winters to keep your legs warm. Leather boots are always in style and can add a zing to the classic ensemble of jeans, jacket and scarf. Sporty shoes such as converse or athletic shoes are great for a day around town.

Men can wear jeans or medium weight pants like corduroy that can keep legs warm. Dark leather shoes or even dark sport shoes will also work. Medium weight jackets or leather jackets cam be paired with a shirt and sweater for an urban sporty look.

In spring or summer, colorful strappy dresses are a big hit among the ladies. Pair it with sandals and messenger bag and you’re good to go. Keeping a light cardigan won’t hurt, so wear one just in case. Other than that, a tunic top that’s light and wrinkle free, stretchy yet soft, is a good investment for Barcelona. Wear it with jeans, jeggings or tights for clubbing. Most importantly remember people on Barcelona don’t go overboard with skin show so dress modestly.

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