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Ivonna Cadaver

Posted on Wed, Jan 30th, 2019

Natalie Popovich, aka Ivonna Cadaver, as she is popularly known, is your one stop shop for all things horror. An American actress who hosts the nationally-syndicated weekly show ‘Macabre theatre’, she currently haunts Hollywood and the Macabre Theatre dungeon showcasing indie horror films and the classics. She is credited with the creation of the character (Ivonna Cadaver) for the show Macabre Theatre. Her sex appeal, wit, and tremendous knowledge of the world of horror takes the show to a whole other level! Rightly she says, ‘Just know Ivonna Cadaver will always keep “light” in an otherwise world of darkness. It’s not what’s inside the dungeon that should scare you, it’s what’s outside’.

Ivonna started acting at a very young age. She began broadcasting out of KDOC in Irvine, CA in 2002 as executive producer. Soon she and co-star Butch Patrick started hosting the Macabre theatre show together for 34 episodes before they went their separate ways. Later in 2005, Macabre theatre was nationally syndicated on Fox, CBS and NBC affiliates. During October 2006 and 2007, Ivonna partnered with CBS Radio’s K-Earth in Los Angeles for the Ex-Scream Home Makeover (2006) and the Ex-Scream School Makeover (2007). This was a Halloween contest comprising Ivonna Cadaver and her Hollywood Makeover Team as well as celebrity guests. Later during 2007 and 2008, Ivonna Cadaver produced “Ivonna Cadaver’s Macabre Radio” on National lampoon’s Comedy Channel 156. This one-hour radio show highlighted celebrity guests, directors and producers as well as Ivonna Kick Ax Music Pix. As of now, Macabre Theatre airs weekly on YouToo America every Saturday night.

Ivonna delivers irreverent and cutting-edge humor with a bite. Each week she welcomes viewers into her dungeon, where she engages in ‘delectable debauchery’ and hosts horror movies such as House on Haunted Hill, Lisa and the Devil, and the Brain That Wouldn’t Die. Other segments include Goth Trivia (fun facts on the movie), Ghoul Shopping Network (her take on hot products in today’s culture, with Macabre twist), and Ivonna’s CD picks of the week.

Ivonna’s style is distinctly leather. Leather jackets, leather pants, leather dress, and skirt among others. Also known as the Modern day Vampire, this diva of darkness adorns many costumes. The most awaited costume would be her Halloween costume (of course). Basically, anything leather with a nurse’s hat would seal the deal for her. Her costumes mostly revolve around black and leather. Ivonna also puts on some great makeup, highlighting her eyes and lips to complete the look.

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