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Welcome to the incEngine Mass Mail System.

Please use the tabs above to build your email, and use the Send tab to send the Email to you mailinglist subscribers.  You will want to create the email in both Html and Text versions to make sure everyone can read you email.


[A] Creating Your Email:

  1. Click on the Headers tab to enter your email address, email subject and email priority settings.
  2. Click on Edit Html to use the WYSIWYG HTML editor to create your Email.  Click on UPDATE to update the previews.
  3. Preview your HTML email in the Html Preview tab.
  4. Click on the Edit Text tab to edit the TEXT version of the Email.  If you click on "Import HTML Version", the HTML version will be stripped of all HTML tags and the text will automatically be entered for you.  Use this editor to finalize any text changes you wish to make.  Click UPDATE to refresh the previews.
  5. Click on the Text Preview tab to make sure your text email looks good.
  6. You will normally want to send youself a Test Email before you send everyone a copy.  To do this, click on the Test & Save tab and enter your email address in the "SEND TEST EMAIL TO:" field and click "TEST" to send yourself a copy.  The email will then be saved in the system, and the page will reload.
  7. If you are happy with the email you received, click on the Send tab.  All your categories of mailinglist subscribers will automatically be selected.  If you wish to send the email to a specific category of subscribers, select those categories, and click "UPDATE" to set the selection.
  8. When you are ready to send the Mass Mail, click "SEND" in the Send tab.
  9. Follow the progress of your Mass Mail by clicking "Mass Mailer Status" in the Send tab.


[B] Advanced Tabs:

  1. Promotion - if you have access to the PROMOTION tab, the system will allow you to create emails on the fly - by using data from your website to create automated emails.  This could include Product Specials, Most Viewed Products, Newest Products, Most Sold Products, Custom Email Templates and also the ability to include any webpage from your website.
  2. MailingList Manager - Use this tab to view your mailinglist or Add / Update / Remove entries from your list.
  3. Load Email - This tab enables you to load any previously saved email, sent email or tested email.