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Beverlyheels StyleMaterials: Faux Leather PU

Materials: Faux Leather PU

Posted on Fri, Dec 29th, 2017

Faux material, real chic!

One way of being cruel to animals is producing leather! So, scientists have found a feasible substitute to leather – Polyurethane. Invented by Professor Dr. Otto Bayer in 1930s, Polyurethane or PU is a man-made material that can be made into fine threads and when combined with nylon, it is used to make lightweight, stretchable garments. It is a waterproof fabric, but could also be cotton or a poly blend that has been heat laminated to a polyurethane layer. Being light weight and durable they have found use in various industries such as medical, diapers and active wears. Wide spread use of PU was seen during World War II, when they were utilized as substitute for rubber.

By 1950s, PU was being used in its first insulation application as a beer barrel. Soon it was being used for manufacturing of cushions and shoe soles. By the next decade PU lining was developed by NASA for making space suits for their mission to Mercury. Soon after, PU found more utility in automobile bumpers for increased safety. And that’s not all! The first all plastic car with PU interiors, the K67, was exhibited in Germany. In 1970s, scientists made a breakthrough application in the medical field, in which, imitation wood, orthopedic and medical applications saw the use of PU.

There are major advantages of PU over other synthetic material like PVC. Unlike PVC, PU is bio-degradable as it does not use any solvents that later produce harmful chemicals.

Among others, PU is also a big thing in the fashion world. PU synthetic leather are now being used for making fashion clothing that are sturdy and durable. PU is being used for manufacturing bags, belts and clothes. Flexibility, strength and durability, and comfort makes it the best product for sports shoes and sports equipment like skates and ski. Also, its toughness and lightness make it an ideal material for a sports ball. In fact, the official FIFA 2010 World Cup ball was mostly composed of thermoplastics polyurethane. PU jacket or faux leather jacket although less durable than real leather, gives much more protection from rain, and is way cheaper.

In today’s world it’s hard to imagine any product without PU. From PU clothes to PUshoes, PU fashion has been a big thing since its invention. Find your favorite piece of PU on

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