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Beverlyheels StyleMaterials: Fishnets

Materials: Fishnets

Posted on Thu, May 10th, 2018

There’s something about the fishnet ...

Red nail polish, red lipstick and stilettos, all signs of femininity and sexual intrigue. But one thing that binds them together is the fishnet stockings. A fishnet is a type of hosiery with an open, diamond shaped knit that is mostly used as stockings, tights or body-stockings. Although available in many colors, black is the most popular one.

Commonly worn in legs and arms, it is an essential part of punk and goth fashion , but it’s now percolating down to mainstream fashion as well. Another big aspect of the fishnet stockings is its use in sexual fetishism. It’s a type of undergarment that defines the curves and also accentuates the wearer’s muscles.

The earliest recorded history of fishnets dates back to 1880s. Back then, the fishnets were loosely worn, but slowly and steadily they were transformed from a regular garment to a sexual signifier. Since its inception, the fishnet stockings have allowed women to highlight their sexuality. It was worn under long dresses till popular burlesque dancer Gypsy Lee Rose popularized the fishnets as a prop for her titillating performances. Hence the association of fishnets with prostitutes and hookers!

Soon, these sexy stockings established a place in mainstream fashion in the 1950s when Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page started donning them with dresses in their movies and appearances. Through them people saw how the fishnet stockings can be used to pair with costumes to appear feminine by emphasizing their curves. Since then the fishnet stockings have been regularly used by general public to enhance their femininity.

Fishnet stockings are a rage in the modern times. You can see icons like Bella Thorne and Kate Moss wear these regularly and you can also see general public pairing it up with their kind of dress. Fishnet is now more than just a stocking style. People have started wearing fishnet shirts, or torn jeans over fishnet stockings with the netting peeking out above the waistline or below the mid-calves. Wear it as a sign of rebel or sexual intrigue, the fishnet is definitely going to get heads turning. Select your perfect pair at

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