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Beverlyheels StyleMaterials: Gold

Materials: Gold

Posted on Mon, Sep 24th, 2018

Gold holds a special place in every human’s heart. Since time immemorial, people have used gold in many ways be it in religion, decoration or even for medicinal purposes. It is a precious metal that is associated with wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Not just the metal, even the color gold is associated with success, passion, magic, and wisdom!

Although no one knows precisely when gold was discovered, uncovered flakes of gold were seen in Paleolithic caves around 40,000 years ago. Gold was mentioned in the ancient historical texts dating back to 3100 BC. The earliest recorded history of use of gold was found in the Code of Menes, that said “one part of gold is equal to two and one half parts of silver in value”. Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey cited gold as “the glory of immortals and sign of wealth among ordinary humans”. Mention of gold is found in The Holy Bible as well.

The most common use of gold is in jewelry. Gold was first used in jewelry in Assyrian and Mesopotamian civilization. Ancient civilizations considered gold a mysterious and magical thing because of its long-lasting quality. This obsession with gold and the need to understand its mysterious properties continued into later eras. However, no other civilization used gold as much as the Egyptian civilization. Be it for decorating the face or incorporating it into sacred objects and even furniture, the Egyptians have made vast use of this metal. In combination with gems, gold was used to make beautiful jewelry as well. Gold and silver were also a representation of the Sun and Moon gods due to their colors. Wearing gold and silver for protection was part of their superstitious beliefs.

Being non-corrosive in nature, gold became a symbol of immortality and power in many ancient cultures. When used as currency, it was mixed with other metals to make it more trade appropriate.

Gold jewelry was always worn by men and women alike. Electrum (natural alloy of gold and silver) was a popular metal for jewelry in Egyptian culture around 5000 BC. Gold chains were first produced in the city of Ur in 2500 BC. Jewelry in the form of chains, earrings, rings, pendants, and diadems were regularly worn by people since ages.

Wearing gold jewelry is an art in itself. There are a few points one should remember when wearing gold. Make sure the entire look is uncluttered. Do not put on all the gold jewelry you own, unless you want to risk looking like a disco ball. You don’t have to stick to just the yellow colored gold. There’s rose tinted, white as well as vintage gold available. You may even mix and match all three. Own a statement piece, say, a chunky ring or a bold necklace or a thick bracelet. That way, wearing just one piece with your ensemble will work just fine. Select your statement piece from

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