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Beverlyheels StyleMaterials: Sequins

Materials: Sequins

Posted on Mon, Dec 18th, 2017

All things shimmery!

Year 1922, Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb was found and opened. When his mummy was studied closely, gold sequin like discs were found sewn into his royal garments. It was assumed that his mummy was prepared for the afterlife this way. But sewing on metals and coins was not just prepping for the afterlife but as display and storing of wealth as well. In fact, the word ‘sequin’ has been derived from the word “sikka” meaning coin or coin minting die. Later, sewing gold and precious metals on men’s garments became a status symbol in Egypt, India and Peru, and also to ward off evil.

In the 17th, 18th and 19th century sequins started to be sewn on to jackets as a fashion statement. During the earlier centuries, small round plates of metals were used sequins but later during the 1930s, sequins were made of gelatin so as to produce a much lighter weight version of the metal discs. However, one major obstacle with gelatin based sequins was that it would melt if they got too wet or too warm. Hence, a new material for sequins had to be invented. Herbert Lieberman was the guy behind contemporary sequins. He came up with acetate based sequins, but they were still fragile. Finally, in 1952, DuPont invented Mylar that changed the sequin game. Transparent polyester film sequins were the new game that could even survive the washing machine. In modern days, the sequins are made of vinyl plastic.

Sequins were a fashion statement since its conception but became the rage when pop stars and Hollywood stars started wearing it. Michael Jackson was one such personality who wore a sequin jacket in his song “Billie Jean” and created quite a stir. It soon trickled down to the masses and clothing stores started keeping stocks of sequined clothes. Sequined shoes also have left quite a mark in the fashionista’s mind. Think “Wizard of Oz” and Dorothy’s red sequined shoe comes to mind. Those have gone down in history as an icon of fantasy land and replicas of it are still sold in shoe stores. Fashion conscious people have at least one pair of sequin shoes in their wardrobe to pair with a dress for that special occasion.

Pair your sequined Mary Janes with black pants and chunky sweater to complete a new year party look or wear a belted sweater over a sequined short skirt for a sexy look. There are million other ways to wear sequins. Start exploring them at

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