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Beverlyheels StyleMaterials: Silver

Materials: Silver

Posted on Thu, Jan 24th, 2019

Silver is one of the so-called precious metals, which has long been used in the manufacture of coins and jewelry, because of its comparative scarcity, brilliant white color, and malleability. Though found deep in the Earth’s crust, this metal actually forms in star explosions called supernovae. The first evidence of silver was found back in 3000 BC, in Turkey and Greece. And soon enough, people learnt how to refine silver by heating its ore and blowing air over it, through a process known as cupellation. Archeologists uncovered a trove of silver, including five hoop earrings at a 3200-year old site in Israel. Silver ornaments and decorations have been found in the royal tombs dating back to 4000 BCE.

Silver had great value in many ancient cultures where it was used to make jewelry, tableware, and ritual objects among others. Rough cut pieces known as hack silver was used for trade. It was the metal of choice for making coins. Silver mines in Greece, Spain, Italy and Anatolia had mines that was a point of conflict for the respective kingdoms. Silver mines were also found in ancient China, Korea, Japan and South America, where it was transformed into beautifully crafted objects for elite use. The Incas believed silver was the tears of the moon. Silver can be used for more than just jewelry. Because of its antimicrobial properties, silver has been used in medicine for prevention of injuries for hundreds of years.

Nowadays, silver is widely used in the jewelry industry. There are many types of silver that are used to make jewelry. Since it is very soft, silver is a good option only for earrings and necklaces, and not for rings or bracelets, as these can bump and scratch easily. On the other hand, Sterling silver, that is 92.5% silver, is used to make jewelries of all kinds. Adding other metals to sterling silver increases its hardness and makes it more durable and gives it a certain luster. Other types of silver with lesser purity are used for making several fashion accessories.

Silver jewelry or accessories or even the silver color, goes best with black, due to the contrast, but looks good with white and grey as well. Silver also goes beautifully with dark navy, royal blue, cream and burgundy dresses. If you want to wear your silver necklace with a dress that has patterns or shapes in it, stick with shorter, less detailed necklace. For a simple dress, you can wear a long, semi-statement pendant on a chain to compliment the simplicity of the outfit. Whatever you wear, remember to just be yourself.

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