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Beverlyheels StyleMisc: Grip Powder

Misc: Grip Powder

Posted on Sun, Nov 25th, 2018

Grip powder is a high sweat absorbing powder / cream that prevents grip from slipping. It gives a cool, dry feel and helps in giving complete control of the object in hand. The powder is helpful not only in sports such as tennis, gymnastics, and weight lifting, it also helps maneuvering around a pole during pole dancing.

There are many brands available in the market, and the purpose is the same, that is, it gives you a good grip of the object by keeping the hands dry, but the choice of product may vary according to the sport. For example, ‘Dry Hands’ is a performance enhancing solution that removes grip problems caused by perspiration and rain. It can be used by golf, tennis, and football players as well by those in weight lifting and gymnastics. The advantage of DRY HANDS is that it is not sticky or greasy. And since it does not leave a powdery mess, it is very easy to handle. The best part is, the solution is long lasting and economical, making it easier for you to focus on the game at hand. Another prominent brand is ‘Tite Grip’. It is a topical hand cream that stops hands from perspiring and stays so for 4- hours. It not only keeps the hands dry, but boosts confidence in skiers and weightlifters. Another product, ‘iTac2’, is useful for sports as well as pole dancing. Made using Australian beeswax and plant esters, this product acts as an ‘invisible glove’ in wet or dry conditions.

A good grip powder is essential for good performance. Having to worry about holding on to the sport accessory is quite distracting. Using a grip powder ensures peace of mind and good maneuverability, hence ensuring an effective and winning performance. Anyone can use it and can buy the liquid and powder form of the product. Sometimes, players are tempted to use talcum powder or body powder instead. But that’s a big no-no. Talc is lubricating by nature. Hence, when the hands start sweating you don’t want something that makes your hands more slippery.

To function efficiently and perform like a champion, one needs to be supported by a champion. A grip powder as good as the ones mentioned above can underline your expertise in the area, be it sports or pole dancing. Visit to buy the powder that best suits your requirement.

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