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Beverlyheels StyleStyle: Military

Style: Military

Posted on Tue, Apr 17th, 2018

Aye aye, mam!

The Military style clothing came into being after the World War I due to a supposed deficiency of casual garments. The hippies were the first to embrace the military style clothing during the 1960s. But its popularity as a mass fashion trend peaked during the 80s and also found influence in women’s fashion. From camouflage prints to military coats, the military fashion trends take cue from a soldier’s apparel.

IThe hippies used them as a sign of protest against the Vietnam war. The main reason for adopting military style clothing now is its comfort and agelessness. Thus, combining comfort with overall feminine silhouettes, gave rise to the army girl style. The main colors used for the Military style clothing are khaki, grey, brown or their combinations. Military style has always been hot. A style with a rebellious vibe, as in the military clothing, adds spark to even a daily casual wear. Be it the trench coat or the subsequent parka coat, the military shirt and cargo style pants have become cult staples.

The most important part of dressing up military style is preserving the balance and harmony of the details. Sporty details, the most popular style of military dressing, create very suitable design options for outdoor activities like hiking, walking or even archeological excavations. Combining the right pants with the top collar remains the key to successful military casual dressing.

Footwear is also very important when choosing military garments. Boots or sandals, the footwear has to be combined in a way that moderates out the prints or the color of the outfit. The boots to be specific, are quite high and are adorned with chains or buttons. If you’re aiming for a specifically feminine look, try the booties or sandals with lace up details. Matching military pieces with elegant female dresses is a great way of creating a coordinated look for concerts or bikers’ meet. Accessorize it with colored golden and silver buttons, zippers, buttons, or straps to create a military look.

Military style is here to stay through the summers! It’s not just versatile, even one piece can add an edgy twist to the whole outfit. Safari style khaki pieces, forest green piece, cotton shirt dresses among others can give a whole new feel to the look. Designers like Mulberry and Stella McCartney have added military style suits and drawstring wore pants as a part of their collection. Select your perfect military piece from

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