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Beverlyheels StyleWhat to wear while in London

What to wear while in London

Posted on Thu, Mar 28th, 2019

Planning to visit London? You may wonder what to wear during the trip. Well, London is all about casuals. Local people are quite casual in their daily wear, even those who work in offices. Of course, there are places and occasions where formal dressing is a must, but beyond that its casuals all the way. However, dressing there depends on weather.

The Great British weather can be quite unpredictable and so is London and its countryside. You may have to carry your sunglasses and an umbrella as well. Checking the average temperature during the time of your travels is a good place to start. Temperatures tend to drop and rise, so, one way to stay prepared is by layering. London fashion includes many different styles so don’t shy away from experimenting.

Blouses, shirts, and T-shirts, preferably floral patterns, are great during spring. Pair it with jeans, culottes, or midi skirts for the day and layer up with thin jumper or tights if it gets cold in the evenings. Ankle boots, brogues, and even trainers are great if you want to explore the city by foot.

Summers are great fun in London. With the average temperature varying between 64 - 77 degrees Fahrenheit, the weather can be from hot and sunny to humid and stormy. When temperature soars, cute summer dresses, skirts, shirts, crop tops are a great choice. Pair it up with sandals and you’re good to go. On cooler days, jeans, tee-shirt and a light jacket will be an apt ensemble. Light fabrics, lots of colors, and cute accessories is what determines summers in London. Just put on heels in case you have a dressy evening occasion. And during daytime, you can wear a cute pair of flats.

Autumns and winters can be quite cold. Pack your cardigans, coats, and other warm clothes if you’re planning to visit during that time. Deep purples, khaki greens, and dark blues are good colors to play around with. Pair a dress with a cardigan, tights, and knee-high boots for the autumn. For chilly winters, make sure you wear thermals inside your outfit to stay warm. During Christmas and New Year, it can get pretty chilly in London so wear something that there is a balance between too cold or too hot. Wear a thick coat over your ensemble so you can take off or wear it whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Although rare, temperatures may drop below freezing. Get sturdy boots with a good grip in case it gets icy.

No matter what time of the year you are visiting, key things such sunglasses, comfortable shoes, a jacket, and jeans will never fail you. Again, whatever you wear you should be absolutely comfortable. For some great clothes and shoes, go to

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